Talk radio is back

Only now we’re calling it podcasting for some reason. In between all the books I read on my Kindle or listen to with OverDrive/Audible, I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve recently started asking others about their favorites. Podcasting really is becoming the new talk radio – everyone is moving to both fiction and non-fiction spoken stories and these are all available as podcasts. I found a few link bait articles that list a bunch of podcasts, these aren’t all great for everyone though. The passive income podcasts are a distraction for the venture scale listeners and vice versa. Here’s a quick run down of my favorite talk radio shows….

I’ve always listened to EconTalk and really enjoyed the quality of the guests and the approach to interviewing that Russ Roberts takes. I’ve tried a few others like the Jason Calcanis podcast or the mixergy podcast and usually am disappointed, there are either too many commercials or the quality of the guests/interviews aren’t consistently that great.Instead I take in TWiST on an occasional basis but only after looking for better content.

Recently though James Altucher started a podcast. I’ve said before how much I hate that guy (can’t stand his blog or books)… but his podcast is awesome and is convincing me that James is brilliant.

Another podcast that recently launched is Tim Ferriss – I’ve been a fan but was super annoyed he turned me down when I tried to interview him for my book on angel investing. Regardless, the podcast is pretty awesome. There are some specific interviews that he does that are better than others, try this one with Peter Thiel – yes, Peter has been making the rounds, but the ideas discussed in the podcast and his book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Futureare worth thinking about.

Another favorite of mine is the Barry Ritholtz Master in Business podcast. He is constantly bringing top investing talent onto the show. I’ve learned a lot from Barry and the people he’s brought onto the show.

The a16z podcast is a must if you want to understand how tech is moving from startup to IPO ready. The market acceptance of different technologies is discussed in depth with the founders and investors in the space.

A few others I listen to occasionally…

  1. The value investing podcast
  2. Wealthtrack
  3. Startup Grind

What am I missing? What else should I be listening to?

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