Making the leap to entrepreneurship in 2016

While catching up on my saved links over the holidays, I watched this great compilation from the team at Blockshelf from 2014. It’s incredibly relevant today. If you’re an entrepreneur or are thinking about making the leap or maybe you’re already an entrepreneur and could use a few tips to boost your success this year. Spend the 19 minutes to learn from folks like Marc Andreeson, Tim Ferriss, Reid Hoffman, Emmett Shear, and 46 other brilliant people.

If you’re making the leap and want more details on how to raise capital, I suggest you check out this book on raising capital by my friend Mike Belsito, Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us. Of course I also recommend, Startup Wealth to get a better sense for what startup investors look for in the teams and companies they back.

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  1. Jeff Slobotski

    Really enjoyed both your and Mike’s book. Keep up the great work!

  2. Josh Maher

    Thanks Jeff! Curious – in your view, what else is missing from our startup capital body of knowledge?

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